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Pedal boat pedal powered kayak

I made this single-person kayak boat with a length of 3.2 m and a load capacity of about 200 kg from scraps of boards, several slats and two sheets of plywood with a thickness of 4 and 6 mm.

Pedal boat assembly on trolley

Pedal-powered kayak boat

The construction is based on two identical frames (pine, δ=20), placed at a distance of 1 m from each other. Slats of a longitudinal set are embedded in the frames (the length of the blanks is up to 3.5 m), which are connected in the bow and stern by the same vertical bars rods. The set is sheathed with plywood, after which the case kayaks the outside is covered with a thin tarpaulin. The extremities are covered with a light canvas deck.

Schematic representation of the pedal kayak design

Schematic representation of the pedal kayak design
The bend of the stringers along the rim is conditionally not shown.

The boat is made of a screw, with a pedal drive. The most complex unit of the mechanical part is the gearbox. It is assembled from a pair of bevel gears that provide a gear ratio of 1:5 (you can use, for example, gears from the main transmission of cars Volga, Moskvich or Zhiguli). The bigger the driving gear, the better!

Since the gearbox operates with a low load and at low speeds, its body has a fairly light construction: thick plywood is used (steel 2-3 mm thick can be used).

The shaft is made of a water pipe; a driven gear is attached to its bow end, six blades are welded to the stern end, forming a propeller with a diameter of 280 mm.

It is important to make a reliable oil seal (rubber or leather) in the stern, through which the propeller shaft is passed. No intermediate bearings need to be installed.

The pedal-powered boat reaches a speed of about 10 km/h. In any case, it goes much faster than on oars, and it's quite easy to work with your feet.

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