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Boat projects for self-construction

Tourist boat «Sea Lion» Tourist boat «Sea Lion» This comfortable and seaworthy boat can be built with a skin made of waterproof plywood, boards or steel. Six people can travel on it, who will be accommodated in three cabins. The boat is also convenient for weekend tourism, when the ship becomes a floating dacha that will take its crew to a favorite vacation spot... read more>>>

Drawings of the motor-sailing dory «Drascombe» Drawings of a motor-sailing dory «Drascombe» The drawings of the motor-sailing dory offered to the attention of amateur shipbuilders are developed according to the provided materials of the company «Honnor Marin» — builder serial vessels of the «Drascombe Lugger» type. When preparing the project, the real possibilities of «home shipyards» were taken into account, the most affordable materials in our conditions were used... read more>>>

Foam boat A homemade foam boat. How to make a boat out of foam The unsinkable unsinkable foam paddleboat «Gamma» with a weight of about 20 kg has a load capacity of 120 kg and is quite convenient to operate, especially when going fishing in a passenger car. When designing, the most difficult thing was to choose the shape of the hull: it was necessary to make a seaworthy, easy-to-manufacture and convenient vessel out of flat elements... read more>>>

Motor-sailing mini yacht «Dugong» Motor-sailing mini-yacht «Dugong» «Dugong» — an economical motor-sailing vessel of minimal dimensions, carrying a moderate sail area with a small draft (0.75 m), which does not limit the captain too much when sailing on inland waters. At the same time, there is no mooring on it, which requires constant attention of the crew and creates certain inconveniences... read more>>>

Double fishing boat «Crab» Double fishing boat «Crab» The Jack-Shprot ace was taken as the basis for the project of the described boat, however, since there was no cutting of details, no ordinate table, or many details of the device in the brief note dedicated to the ace, I had to think out a lot myself. It took a lot of time to develop drawings and search for the right material, and I made the boat itself in one month... read more>>>

Boat of seven parts A boat of seven parts A small article about the ace «Jack Sprat» attracted the attention of our team of yachtsmen. I liked the boat very much for its compactness (2,3x1,3 m), rather large capacity — in the photograph there were four adults and two children in it, and the simplicity of the manufacturing technology. We took the overall dimensions of the basin given in the article as a basis and within a week we made a similar plywood boat... read more>>>

Motor boat Motorboat «Rainbow-34». Project for self-construction Designed for anglers and lovers of short walks. The low weight (about 40 kg) and the simplified layout of the cockpit make it possible to transport such a «Rainbow» on the trunk of a passenger car. The walking version of the «Rainbow-34» is easy to build without a slipway, which significantly reduces the time and labor required for the manufacture of equipment... read more>>>

Mini-yacht Plastic mini-yacht «Kalan» Twenty years ago would hardly have been taken seriously by a designer who undertook to build a yacht with a length of only 4 meters, but with a cabin, a galley, two sleeping places, a self-draining cockpit. Immediately, he would have been asked a lot of sarcastic questions, for example, about the ability of such a small vessel to withstand at least a fresh wind, about its stability, and finally, about the very possibility of accommodating two adults in the cabin... read more>>>

Motorboat «Catfish» «Catfish» is a motorboat sewn from plywood «Catfish» is a small cabin motorboat with moderately keeled bottom contours, which can be used for fishing trips or for weekend tourism. The «faceted» contours of the hull, made up of long sheets of outer skin and cabin coamings, make it possible to apply the above-mentioned method of stitching and at the same time ensure sufficient rigidity of an almost non-assembled hull... read more>>>

Motorboat Construction of the motorboat «Johnboat» Like a real «johnboat», our boat has a flat bottom and sloping sides with a large collapse outwards. A relatively narrow bottom is an advantage when rowing or planing under an outboard motor, and the collapse of the sides prevents overturning during roll and reflects down splashes. Two keels equipped with low fins near the transom help to keep the boat on course when rowing... read more>>>

Tugboat style boat A boat in the style of a tugboat. Project and drawings Once again confirmed the truth that almost none of the ideas that appeared on the pages of «Boats and Yachts» does not remain ignored by readers. This time they were attracted, probably, by the appearance of the vessel, stylized as an old tug, or maybe by the desire to build a sufficiently comfortable and unpretentious diesel «cruiser» in operation. Moreover, the simplified contours of the hull suggest the possibility of its construction at a home shipyard... read more>>>

Mini yacht from the Pella rowing boat Mini yacht from the «Pella» rowing boat The boat «Pella» of the last years of production has shown good running qualities with an outboard sail; we must think that when armed with a Bermuda sloop, she will prove herself as a sailboat from the best side. We offer fans of super mini yachts the simplest version of the alteration of the boat. It is necessary to make a bow deck and a wheelhouse, and «build up» the sides... read more>>>

Mini-boat «Argo-73» Mini-boat «Argo-73». Cabin boat project for self-construction Despite the fact that «Argo-73» is shorter than «Progress» or «Kazanka-MD», it has a closed cabin with two permanent sleeping places, in which four people can freely sit at the table. On the move, the driver and one passenger are located in the cockpit on folding seats; two more passengers can sit on the lid of the aft locker. Thus, there are seats in the cockpit for all four crew members. The cockpit is protected from splashes by a developed windscreen... read more>>>

Sails for the «Pella» rowing boat Sails for the «Pella» rowing boat When equipping the plastic rowing boat «Pella» with sails, I did not seek to turn it into a mini-yacht. I wanted to have a simple, easily retractable means of movement that could be used during the seasonal ban on swimming under the motor and at the same time preserve the convenience of the boat for amateur fishing. Therefore, I preferred the option of rigging a rake mainsail with a staysail and jib, i.e. luger tender type armament... read more>>>

Houseboat-catamaran «Cinderella» The project of the houseboat-catamaran «Cinderella» Houseboat-catamaran «Cinderella», the project of which is offered to the attention of amateur shipbuilders, is small in size, however, it will be possible to spend a vacation on it even in more comfortable conditions than on a 5-6-meter boat. Its main advantage is the presence of a tall, human-sized (1.73 m) and light cabin (2.0x1.9 m in plan) with a floor at the level of the «promenade deck» fore and aft «verandas». At the same time, the Cinderella has all the advantages of a collapsible tourist boat designed for movement with an economical outboard motor of low power... read more>>>

Boat — houseboat Design and construction of a boat — a houseboat. Do-it-yourself houseboat The project of this floating cottage on the basis of a 9.5-meter water-jet boat with simplified contours was developed by Ya. Kobachevsky. He also built a solid hull with a double diagonal lining made of pine boards, lined on the outside with 3 mm sheets of AMg-3 alloy. I had a chance to finish building the floating house. This task was complicated by the fact that... read more>>>

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