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Fish of our reservoirs Bream, walleye, bersh, chub, etc. Habitat, reproduction, feeding, methods fishing... read more>>>

The angler's calendar. The dependence of fish biting on the season, on natural phenomena, the influence of weather on biting There is no need for a year says a folk proverb, that is, the timing of the onset of various natural phenomena is not constant, they change from year to year. For example, rivers are always opened at the beginning of the rapid melting of snow, which happens in mid-March, then in April. Every year, at different times, the plant world wakes up and freezes, many birds arrive and fly away, etc. Fishermen have long noticed the indisputable connection of fish life with natural phenomena. In this calendar, I am trying to intelligently link freshwater fish fishing with natural phenomena... read more>>>

When does the fish bite better? Intensity and rhythm of fish feeding Many experienced amateur anglers have repeatedly noted that fish eat with different intensity throughout the year. So, Sabaneev wrote: One thing is certain that most of the fish are fed, and therefore... read more>>>

Homemade multi-part wooden wobbler. Making a wobbler ...subsequently, this type of wobbler took me one of the leading places in the track and spinning fishing of large fish. The peculiarity of this wobbler is its buoyancy and decent weight... read more>>>

Bait for fishing. Preparation of millet porridge The cooking method is as follows. A metal jar with a lid is taken, which is half filled with millet and topped up with water... read more>>>

Fishing for perch on spinning. Hegen snap-ins Although perches are found in almost all reservoirs, it is often difficult to find them. Since perch rarely walks alone, we suggest using hegene to search for fish. Hegene is a snap... read more>>>

Catching asp with a transparent float a water ball When the asp hunts, its fight can be determined by numerous bursts. Here it is, in the palm of your hand! But catching a fast predator is not so easy. Perhaps these tips will help you... read more>>>

Catching catfish on the kwok If you want to engage in trophy catfish fishing, you should prepare well for this. We will give you some tips that will help you cope even with a very large specimen... read more>>>

Fishing with a spinning fly. Flies for a spinningist Are you a spinningist, but would you like to try fly fishing, because nothing is caught on the iron? Then you will only need a light spinning, a small transparent water ball, a fishing line with a diameter of 0.20 to 0.22 mm and two or three wet flies. The advantage of such equipment is that you do not need to practice for a long time in casting with a fly fishing rod... read more>>>

Tackle for pike There is no simpler and more catchy way than spinning fishing for dead fish. We present a tackle for pike fishing, which bears the name of Englishman Jim Vincent. Jim Vincent's rigging consists of a minimum of details. Material losses during hooks remain within reasonable limits, since individual parts of the tackle are relatively inexpensive... read more>>>

Fishing near the surface of the water. Surface fishing From the bottom they are often caught because most fish rush there in search of food. In summer, try fishing near the surface, where fish collect floating feed particles. To catch a riding fish, you do not need any clever mounting elements. To do this, it is quite enough to have a simple water ball... read more>>>

Bait for predators fish nozzles Predators are well attracted by nozzles from freshwater and marine fish of different species. In the menu of all predators, small fish occupies an important place. But first you need to catch her. The easiest way to do this is with a light rod or a lifter. In promising places, the net is lowered into the water, they wait for a few minutes, and then they are lifted together with the prey. Bait made from lightly moistened breadcrumbs or powdered milk attracts fish trifles to the lifter. A trifle is caught on a rod with a blind snap... read more>>>

Trolling. Trolling pike fishing In Russia, pike have long been caught on the track. But recently, a lot of various technical devices have appeared for wiring a spinner with the help of a moving boat, and the method of such fishing has been called the tricky word trolling... read more>>>

Perch fishing from hydraulic structures. The method of vertical spinning. Perch fishing with a running donkey Spring is a very promising season for catching perch of different sizes, and one of the most catchy places are the water areas near the hydraulic structures. In spring, during fish spawning, flocks of perch of different sizes often concentrate near bridges or old piles, locks, piers, dams, dams, water collectors and other hydraulic structures... read more>>>

Spring fishing nozzles No matter how perfect the float tackle is, it still ends with a hook. And you need to put something on the hook. So, the nozzles that can be recommended for spring fishing... read more>>>

How to properly sharpen ice drill knives. A device for sharpening ice drill knives In order to pull a fish out of a frozen pond in winter, it is necessary to have a good ice drill with sharp knives. On lakes, ice pick knives remain sharp for quite a long time. But on rivers like the Akhtuba and especially the Volga, where there is a lot of alluvial sand in the ice, knives are blunt instantly. We have to change 2...3 pairs of knives per day. In short, it is necessary to sharpen knives for an ice drill after every fishing trip on the river... read more>>>

Homemade universal holder for a rod or spinning rod I did not find a rod holder design that is equally suitable for fishing from the shore and from a boat. It ended with the fact that I independently developed the design of a universal holder not only for a rod, but also for a spinning rod, which is easy to make at home. I have been using this homemade holder for spinning rods and rods for many years, I am very happy with it, so I take the liberty to recommend it to amateur anglers... read more>>>

Snakehead fish description, habitat, fishing, attachments The homeland of this predatory fish is India. Snakehead is found in the middle and lower reaches of the Amur, in the Ussuri River, in the Amu Darya and Syr Darya basins, in lakes, channels and irrigation channels. The little snakehead looks remarkably like a snake... read more>>>

Secrets of bream fishing for novice anglers baits, attachments, gear, choice of location For a novice angler, success in catching this river beauty is rather an exception to the rules than a pattern. Bream is an extremely cautious fish, luck in catching it can only accompany an experienced fisherman... read more>>>

Perch fishing in winter and summer: for baubles, jig and fry It is known that perch is mainly a daytime fish, and it is caught from morning until dusk. It is also known what kind of tackle it is caught on: in summer, more often on spinning and float fishing rod, in winter on a jig and a spinner. But where to catch? There are no exact laws on this score, and here the angler has room for personal observations... read more>>>

Pike fishing: live bait and baubles The pike is greedy and often grabs any moving bait. But one of the main baits for her, of course, live bait and baubles... read more>>>

Walleye fishing: gear and habitats Pike perch, whose meat is distinguished by high gastronomic qualities, is especially appreciated by fishing enthusiasts. Another fisherman can spend the whole day on the pond without a single bite in anticipation of taking his soul away in the evening, during the exit of the pike perch to fat. It takes pike perch in the morning at dawn, sometimes at night, which is radically different from its closest tribesman perch, which... read more>>>

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