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Boat projects for self-construction

Free plan tour boat Sea Lion The comfortable and seaworthy motor boat Sea Lion can be constructed with covering of waterproof plywood or boards. Six people who will accommodate in three cabins can go to travel on it. The motor boat also is convenient for tourism of the day off when the vessel becomes floating giving which will bring the crew to the favourite vacation spot... read more>>>

Motor-sailing mini-yacht Dugong Dugong an economical motor-sailing vessel of minimal dimensions, carrying a moderate sail area with a small draft (0.75 m), which does not limit the captain too much when sailing on inland waters. At the same time, there is no mooring on it, which requires constant attention of the crew and creates certain inconveniences... read more>>>

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Seaworthy ferro-cement motorboat Grinda. Construction of a boat from armocement When developing the drawings of the Grinda, the task was to design a seaworthy and comfortable 10-seater boat, designed for swimming in the coastal zone of the seas and in large reservoirs, it is also suitable for long-distance tourism along main navigable rivers. At the same time, it was necessary to take into account the numerous wishes of those readers who would like to find in the collection drawings of a vessel designed for independent construction... read more>>>

The project of the displacement tourist boat Crab It is for those who find the greatest pleasure from a long stay on the water, and the drawings of the displacement tourist boat Crab are offered. Any master boatman can help build this boat by applying the usual method of construction and the available material... read more>>>

Motorboats, speedboats and yachts. Articles, reviews, reference books, operation tips

Motorboats, boats, yachts

Small-sized boats. Types of small-sized boats. Basic definitions A boat is an engineering structure capable of moving on water and carrying loads and people. Thus, the boat will be both a kayak and an ocean liner... read more>>>

The main dimensions of the vessel One vessel differs from another in geometric characteristics. The skipper should know these characteristics of his vessel, or, as they are called, the main dimensions. The main dimensions of the vessel are: length, width, draft and side height... read more>>>

Drascombe boats. Motor-sailing dory Drascombe Lugger Drascombe boats are well known to every English yachtsman. These deckless vessels are available in large numbers in almost any sailing center on the coast of England and on the vast majority of inland waterways. Often, Drascombe can be found in the sea quite far from the shore, where they perfectly recoup on a steep wave... read more>>>

Dimensions and contours of the displacement boat In recent years, in our country and abroad, the interest of water lovers in slow-moving, but also the most economical displacement motor vessels has reawakened. The increase in operating costs, difficulties with the purchase of gasoline on the banks of most of our rivers force many owners of planing motor boats and boats keep their vessels for most of the season on a joke or use them with obviously low-power and not corresponding to the hull motors, adjust the sails. It's no accident... read more>>>

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Optimal type of displacement boat The efficiency of a slow-moving boat with an automobile engine is always higher than that of a planing one. Can a displacement boat with an automobile engine achieve the efficiency of a modern subcompact? The experience of operating boats with a displacement of 1.5-2 tons, equipped with four-stroke engines and designed for tourist sailing with a crew of 3-4 people, often confirms that the fuel consumption of about 10 liters per 100 km is quite real ... read more>>>

Repair of metal boat hulls with riveting During operation, the hulls of motor boats and boats can receive various damages: dents and cracks in the skin sheets, knits and profiles of the kit; weakening of rivet seams and violation of their water resistance, especially in areas of increased vibration of the hull at the transom, holes in the skin and deck, etc... read more>>>


Fish of our reservoirs Bream, walleye, bersh, chub, etc. Habitat, reproduction, feeding, methods fishing... read more>>>

The angler's calendar. The dependence of fish biting on the season, on natural phenomena, the influence of weather on biting There is no need for a year says a folk proverb, that is, the timing of the onset of various natural phenomena is not constant, they change from year to year. For example, rivers are always opened at the beginning of the rapid melting of snow, which happens in mid-March, then in April. Every year, at different times, the plant world wakes up and freezes, many birds arrive and fly away, etc. Fishermen have long noticed the indisputable connection of fish life with natural phenomena. In this calendar, I am trying to intelligently link freshwater fish fishing with natural phenomena... read more>>>

When does the fish bite better? Intensity and rhythm of fish feeding Many experienced amateur anglers have repeatedly noted that fish eat with different intensity throughout the year. So, Sabaneev wrote: One thing is certain that most of the fish are fed, and therefore... read more>>>

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