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Homemade boat — projects, drawings. How to build a boat with your own hands

Brigantine «Old» Brigantine «Old». Project for the construction of a yacht The development and appearance of such an unusual project are due to the widespread interest of sailing enthusiasts in maritime antiquity. A small and shallow-sitting (draft of 1.5 m), but sufficiently seaworthy cruising yacht, designed for long voyages of a crew of 8-9 people, has been given some features characteristic of sailing ships of the XVIII — early XIX century — the heyday of the sailing fleet. At the same time, the project provides for the use of modern materials and the construction of the hull, as well as technological techniques used today... read more>>>

Motor boat for sports swimming «Rainbow-34» Motorboat «Rainbow-34» is a project of a high-speed seaworthy motor boat for sports swimming The «Rainbow-34» motorboat also belongs to the class of mini-motorboats, the construction, transportation, storage and repair of which are most accessible to the bulk of water tourism and sports enthusiasts. When installing a «Whirlwind» or «Neptune» motor with a «racing» two-bladed propeller (pitch 340-360 mm) on a motor boat with one driver, it is possible to reach a speed of about 60 km/h. For comparison, we mention that the speed standard of the I category for the T-500 class at a distance of 5 miles is much lower — 42 km/h... read more>>>

Hydrofoil boat «Bottlenose dolphin» Motor hydrofoil boat «Bottlenose dolphin». Hydrofoil boat design and construction The «Bottlenose dolphin» motorboat is intended for walks and short (one or two days) hikes along large rivers and ples, where there is a high probability of meeting with developed excitement. With an outboard motor with a capacity of 20-30 hp, the boat can be used as a water skier tow truck for practicing figure skating elements... read more>>>

Amphibious boat with your own hands. Homemade hovercraft Amphibious boat with your own hands. Homemade hovercraft One winter, when I was walking along the bank of the Daugava, looking at the boats covered with snow, I had an idea — to create an all-season vehicle, i.e. an amphibian that could be used in winter. After much thought, my choice fell on a two-seat hovercraft. At first, I had nothing but a huge desire to create such a structure. Technical literature available to me... read more>>>

Planing amphibian «Triton» Gliding amphibian «Triton» — project and construction of an amphibious boat Creating a full-fledged amphibian is not an easy engineering task. Nevertheless, when designing the «Triton», from the very beginning we set ourselves exactly such a task — to achieve the operational equivalence of the amphibian when using it both on water and on land. We proceeded from the fact that our new amphibian should not be inferior to an ordinary cabin boat in terms of comfort in long-distance navigation... read more>>>

Skif boat for dacha and fishing Skif boat for cottages and fishing Perhaps the construction of this simple boat will bring the least problems to people who have recently completed the construction of a country house or other building on a private plot. From the previous construction, there are almost always a few good boards, a lot of short-sized lumber. There is also a place for assembly, whether it is a shed or a shed. And since the manufacture of the case does not require much time, it can be done even in the open air... read more>>>

Portable mini-boat «Guppy» — boat «Jack-Shprot» made of fiberglass Portable mini-boat «Guppy» — boat «Jack-Shprot» made of fiberglass Portable mini-boat «Guppy» I am the owner of a 6-meter boat — and my fellow enthusiast — a car enthusiast and a fisherman — designed and built, guided primarily by the need to have an on-board ace for a boat and a cart-boat for a car. Based on this condition, the weight of the boat should not exceed 25 kg, so that it could be freely transported overland, and if necessary, by one person, and without much difficulty, loaded onto the trunk of a car or the cabin of a boat and launched... read more>>>

«Gulfstream» boat with car engine «Gulfstream» boat project — a boat with an automobile engine Choosing the next project for the traditional heading, the editors decided to give preference to a high-speed boat with a modern design, equipped with a powerful light automobile engine and adapted for Sunday rest and small trips of a crew of four people... read more>>>

Water jet boat «Moray» The project of the water-jet boat «Moray» The interest shown by amateur shipbuilders in water-jet boats is not accidental. In our conditions, such boats have tangible advantages over boats equipped with a screw drive, or motor boats with outboard motors. First of all, it is the high cross-country ability of water-jet vessels, making many shallow rivers accessible, simplifying the approach to the unequipped shore and parking the boat on the water. The rotor of the jet propulsion is better protected from damage when hitting underwater obstacles or floating objects, as a result of which propellers are most often deprived of blades... read more>>>

Drawings of the jet propulsion and motor installation of the boat «Moray» Drawings of the jet propulsion and motor installation of the boat «Moray» The boat provides for the installation of a single-stage water jet propulsion. Its main parts are: a water intake with a protective grille at the inlet and a flange for attaching the propulsion to the transom of the boat; a four-bladed rotor having a disk ratio A/Ad=0.8, diameter 189 and pitch 190 mm; a nozzle with a straightening device mounted in it; a reversible steering device and a propeller shaft with bearings and a deadwood seal... read more>>>

Bicycle amphibia for long-distance tourism Bicycle amphibia for long-distance tourism Of all the options, the most convenient in transportation and operation on the water was a bicycle catamaran with inflatable floats and a pedal drive on the propeller. In this variant, the bicycle frame is used without significant alterations, and the nodes of its attachment to the floats can be made quite simple. The basis of the catamaran — floats or cylinders with a diameter of 300 mm have a strong shell sewn from rubberized nylon fabric... read more>>>

«Progress» mini-cruiser Cabin boat from the motorboat. Conversion of the «Progress» motorboat into a mini-cruiser For some time, operations with a 48-kilogram «Whirlwind» have also become difficult for me — carrying it from the storage place to the boat, hanging it on the transom, removing it from the boat, etc. There was a dream of a leisurely displacement boat with an economical stationary engine, with a cabin that would protect from rain and wind. This is how the boat presented in the photo and sketch appeared, equipped with a four-stroke carburetor engine «UD-25» with air cooling... read more>>>

Project of a marine cruising yacht made of glass cement The project of a marine cruising yacht made of glass cement The marine cruising yacht «Novelty» is the world's first marine sports vessel, made of a new shipbuilding material — glass cement. The yacht's armament is a Bermuda sloop. The contours of the «Novelty» are similar to the contours of yachts of the «Folkbot» type, but it differs from them in somewhat larger sizes, which allows significantly improving the conditions of habitability. The hull of the yacht is divided into four compartments — forepeak, cabin, engine room and afterpeak, insulated with waterproof glass-cement bulkheads. The yacht is able to maintain buoyancy when filling any one compartment with water... read more>>>

How to build a fiberglass boat How to build a fiberglass boat The article presented to the readers introduces the methodology of independent construction of small ships made of fiberglass, recommended by Bruce Roberts-Hudson for the hulls of boats and yachts of relatively large dimensions (7.5-18 m long). For example, for the construction of the boat «WAVERUNNER-285», drawings of the general location and a sketch of the contours of the hull of which are given here... read more>>>

Pedal-powered kayak boat projectPedal kayak boat with pedal drive This one-man boat — I made a 3.2 m long kayak with a load capacity of about 200 kg from scraps of boards, several slats and two sheets of plywood with a thickness of 4 and 6 mm. The construction is based on two identical frames (pine, δ=20), placed at a distance of 1 m from each other. Slats of a longitudinal set are embedded in the frames (the length of the blanks is up to 3.5 m), which are connected in the bow and stern by the same vertical bars — rods. The set is sheathed with plywood, after which the body of the kayak... read more>>>

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