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Adjustable rowlock for oars and foot rest for efficient boating

It is not always convenient for a person with non-standard physical parameters to row a standard rowing boat designed for a person of average height. And it is often necessary to row a lot, sometimes even too much, and not only on purely rowing boats, but also on motor ones. And it's good if these are only issues of discomfort when rowing, but it's not uncommon for situations when even a person's life depends on such a centuries-old device as paddles. There are a lot of examples when oars helped out in extreme situations... The oars must be matched both to a certain boat and to the parameters of a person it is almost impossible to row against a good wind without proper support under your feet. Two simple devices presented on the website vodnyimir.ru below, they will help to eliminate to a minimum inconveniences when rowing for people of both large and small stature.

Boat footrest

Adjustable in accordance with the individual data of the rower, the foot rest on modern boats has become a rarity. In the best case, boats of industrial production are equipped with a bar mounted on poles based on a rower of average height. If a non-standard person sits down at the oars, then he cannot make a sufficiently powerful and effective stroke: the strongest leg muscles are not included in the work.

In Finland the country of lakes on rowing fishing boats, you can find a simple device that allows you to adjust the foot rest exactly according to the height of the rower (see Fig.).

Adjustable rowlock for oars and footrest for effective boating
Foot rest on the boat.

Adjustable rowlock for oars

It is possible to achieve an effective stroke on the oars only if everything is well adjusted according to the physical data of the rower. The values are: length of the oars, position rowlocks and foot rests relative to the rowing bank, seat height, etc.

One of the possible options for adjusting the position of rowlocks for oars along the length of the boat is shown in the figure.

Adjustable rowlock for oars
Adjustable rowlock for oars.

The poduklyuchina is fixed on a slider that slides along a metal rail mounted on a halt beam. The slider is equipped with a screw lock for locking the rowlock in the most convenient position.

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