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Homemade folding boat scoop

Convenient folding boat scoop

It is not necessary to buy a boat scoop at all, it is quite possible to make it with your own hands. Such a folding scoop is in many ways superior to its industrial counterparts and has certain advantages during operation. A convenient folding boat scoop can be made of tent tarpaulin, dermatin, non-woven or any other soft material and 4-5 mm steel wire. A folded, homemade boat scoop takes up little space and, most importantly, does not tear off the colorful coating during operation.

Homemade folding boat scoop
Homemade folding boat scoop.

The bucket frame is bent so that the joint falls in the middle of the handle boat scoop. Insert a wooden plank into it between the wire, corresponding to the thickness of the wire and the shape of the handle, then wrap the handle with any insulated wire with a rigid core and seal the ends so that they do not unwind. You cut out two sidewalls according to the size of a homemade boat scoop and a strip of bottom with a back wall. Sew them together, and then sew them to a wire frame. Everything a homemade folding scoop for the boat is ready.

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