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Fishing motorboat from Trout. Improvements of serial boats

Description of the boat Trout see here.

I am an amateur angler. I really like to sit in the reeds at dawn, waiting with trepidation for the first bite. What is needed for this! Gear, and most importantly a boat. I believe that a fishing boat should be light, not metal so as not to rattle, convenient for running under a motor up to 10 hp at a speed of up to 20 km/h and for rowing; it should go well on the reeds.

Wooden fofans are good for rowing boats, but they require careful care: in the spring, make sure that the sun does not tear the boards, caulking, painting is needed, and they still flow. You can't swim on them under the engine.

The veneer Trout that appeared on sale made me happy. They were satisfied with the dimensions and weight, a wide stern with a transom. But there were also many inconveniences from the point of view of the fisherman. Having acquired this boat, I immediately began to reconstruct it.

Fishing motorboat from Trout. Improvements of serial boats

The first thing I did was the forward luggage compartment: I installed a bulkhead at a distance of 1200 mm from the nose, closed the compartment with a deck.

Secondly, I got rid of impractical lattice slates. I laid the foam and made a solid horizontal flooring of the inner bottom. Now nothing of the little things is lost, cleanliness is easy to maintain.

Then installed arcs of aluminum pipes with a diameter of 12 mm for the awning (they recline together with the panel on the bow deck).

I mounted braces on the transom board to secure the boat in the parking lot, put miniature ducks for anchoring anchors and a fish tank.

Bottom boats (up to the zygomatic lining) pasted in two layers with fiberglass and covered with putty.

This was my first stage of reconstruction. On the Trout I go under the 5-horsepower engine Surf. When the driver is positioned on the rear bank, the speed does not exceed 10 km/h. If you sit on the middle can and control the motor remotely, the speed increases to 11-13 km/h. Having installed this, I made a tiller extension so that I could sit on the middle can.

In the future, I plan to install a windshield it will splatter less during a wave. For the possibility of a device for overnight accommodation in a boat, I want to make the middle jar removable; so that the rigidity of the middle part of the hull does not suffer because of this, I will have to install one or two frames here. To ensure better stability on turns and during the course in windy weather, I think to make boules; then it will be possible to walk under a motor of greater power.

In the corners near the transom I'm going to make small boxes with lids for storing small fishing gear, tools for the motor.

Of course, all these alterations will increase the weight of the boat to about 100 kg, but then the Trout will really be a mini-motorboat for the pleasure of the angler, and all these alterations will not worsen its behavior when moving under the oars.

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