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Snakehead fish Ч description, habitat, fishing, attachments


The homeland of this predatory fish is India. Snakehead is found in the middle and lower reaches of the Amur, in the Ussuri River, in the Amu Darya and Syr Darya basins, in lakes, channels and irrigation channels.

Snakehead fish Ч description, habitat, fishing, attachments
Amur snakehead.

The little snakehead looks remarkably like a snake. There are quite large individuals Ч up to 5 kg. And, according to local fishermen, snakehead reaches a weight of 7-8 kg. It grows very fast and by the year it weighs 500-600 g. Its mouth is studded with many small teeth.

Snakehead fish

If a caught snakehead is placed in a cage and the cage is completely immersed in water, the fish quickly falls asleep. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the tank 1/3 in the air, but always with the neck closed, otherwise the fish may crawl away.

During the spawning period, snakeheads build a nest, near which they are always located, guarding the young. When the fry grow up, their parents take them out of the nest and accompany them everywhere. It is very easy to notice the snakehead fry, since it resembles a rotating circle of dark, almost black color with its movement. I once caught a frog and threw it on a fishing rod into such a circle, but immediately one of the adult snakeheads pushed the frog out of the circle, thoroughly biting it. After about 15-20 days, the young begin to live independently.

Snakehead fishing, baits and attachments

The snakehead pecks almost all year round. A nozzle for catching a snakehead is suitable for almost any Ч a fry, a small fish, a piece of fish, a tadpole, a frog, a worm, a larva of a may beetle, a pellet of bread, boiled wheat, corn. Gatherings are rare, as he swallows the nozzle deeply. When fishing, it is very difficult to remove the hook, you have to cut off the leash.

They catch this fish with float and bottom fishing rods. Fishing with a long rod is especially interesting. Snakehead is a strong fish, the process of vyvazhivaniye gives the angler great pleasure. There are candles, and jerks, and throws...

Snakehead fishing, baits and attachments

In non-flowing reservoirs, the snakehead is easy to detect on the shallows and predict its bite. Before biting, bubbles appear near the float, and the float begins to shake slightly. This is followed by a strong pull in depth.

I think the best bait is a fry or a medium-sized live fish of white color (rudd), up to 10 cm long, mounted on a hook behind the back (previously, the tail fin is cut off from the bait). A large snakehead usually takes on such a nozzle.

The rod can be of any length, but it must be strong. Equip it with a 0.8 mm fishing line with a 0.5-0.6 mm leash. Often, when eviscerating a snakehead, hooks that were previously torn off by him from thin forests come across.

Snakehead in the grass in the air can live 3-4 hours. Even after lying in the refrigerator overnight, he comes to life in the water the next morning and, as if nothing had happened, begins to swim.

One day at the beginning of summer, I launched three snakeheads of four hundred grams into an iron barrel. During the summer, I changed the water only five times, and this is in Uzbekistan, where it is very hot during the day and the water heats up quickly. In these conditions, one snakehead lived until autumn. For the first three or four days he did not eat, and then he could be fed literally from his hands, observing, of course, a certain caution, since he can grab a finger along with the food.

Snakehead is good fried, stuffed, dried, smoked. It's not good for fish soup Ч it's a little dry. There are few bones in it.

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