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Mini yacht from the Pella rowing boat

Boat Pella (description of the boat see here) the last years of production has shown good driving performance with an outboard sail; we must think that when armed with a Bermuda sloop, she will prove herself as a sailboat from the best side.

We offer fans of supermini yachts the simplest version of the alteration of the Pella rowing boat.

Mini-yacht made of plastic rowing boat Pella: general view

Mini-yacht from the Pella rowing boat

It is necessary to make a bow deck and a wheelhouse, and the sides should be increased by 150 mm in the stern and amidships and by 70 mm in the nose. The increase of the side and the cabin can be made of plywood or molded from fiberglass. For connection to the regular housing boats it is necessary to make a flange according to the dimensions of the flange-gunwale available on the boat Pella. In the manufacture of plywood superstructure, a 20x30 pine bar laid on the plate can be used as a flange. The flanges are tightened with M6 bolts with a 3-4 mm thick rubber gasket.

Mini-yacht made of plastic rowing boat Pella: cross section
Mini-yacht made of plastic rowing boat Pella: cross-section

The floorings of sofas and cockpit seats, which are based on scrap molded on the sides, are cut out of plywood. In the cabin, the cutout between the sofas should be made with a mortgage part (or a lifting table), which will provide convenience when staying overnight.

In the area of the mast installation, the cabin should be reinforced with a frame beam, which should reach the flange connection with the side branches (or knits). The cross section of the wooden beams in the DP must be at least 25x60 mm.

A portable galley can be placed in the compartment between the cabin and the cockpit.

It is better to make the bunks in the cabin folding in order to use lockers for storing clothes, supplies and equipment. It is possible to place additional buoyancy blocks (on the sides) in the same place and under the seats in the cockpit. The total load capacity of foam blocks (approx. 0.2 m), including regular ones, should keep a fully submerged boat afloat and hold two people floating side by side.

In the nose, you can arrange a forepeak, separating it from the cabin by a bulkhead with a cutout; here you will get a small closet.

The false keel of the dimensions indicated in the sketch will have a weight of about 62 kg when made of steel with a thickness of 25 mm; this will ensure sufficient stability with a sail area of 7 m². It should be remembered, however, that the stability of the hull shape of the Pella rowing boat is not designed for sailing the boat is rolling, so it is very important to reduce the sail area in time when the wind increases. It is necessary to have at least two staysails to replace when the wind increases (with an area of about 1.5 and 2.2 m²) and make the boom rotating to allow a rapid reduction in the area of the mainsail.

Another option for equipping the Pella boat with sails see here.

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