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Inflatable collapsible water bike

Inflatable catamaran-hydroped water bike

Inflatable collapsible water bike

Deciding which boat to build, among other problems I had to think about storing it in urban conditions and the possibility of transportation by public transport. That is why I chose a collapsible catamaran water bike with inflatable floats made of rubberized fabric.

Design diagram of a catamaran water bike

Design diagram of a catamaran water bike
1 inflatable float; 2 pedal drive; 3 steering handle; 4 folding seat; 5 ring nozzle; 6 deadwood, 7 gimbal joint.

The rigid structure of my two-seater catamaran-hydropeda consists of a folding seat with a backrest, a deck made of a set of beech slats, a base made of duralumin corners and a pedal drive with a chain drive to the propeller. A Tourist bicycle frame and two asterisks were used for the drive.

A special trolley is used for transportation
Package dimensions 1,45x0,40x0,25 m; a special trolley is used for transportation.

The gearbox is a hand drill with push-button switching of the spindle rotation speed, which is connected to the propeller shaft by means of a cardan transmission. The gear ratio of the drive 24 : 1 provides a screw rotation speed of 1000 rpm.

The propeller is enclosed in a fiberglass profiled ring-nozzle, which increases traction and stability on the course at low speed. The course control is carried out by a handle connected by means of cables with a rotating deadwood and a propeller. The deepening of the screw can be adjusted on the move by lowering or raising the deadwood. The propeller has a diameter of 179 and a pitch of 180 mm.

In the form of a catamaran prepared for launching water bike has a length of 2.50 m and a total width of 1.65 m. The diameter of the float is 400 mm, the total weight is 25 kg. With one person, the catamaran develops a speed of 7-8 km/h.

Dimensions in the package 1,45x0,40x0,25 m; a special trolley is used for transportation.

For five years, our catamaran water bike has been intensively used for Sunday recreation on the Pechenezh reservoir, the Seversky Donets and on shallow reservoirs. I went alone and with the whole family two adults and one child, in various weather conditions. So we appreciated the maneuverability, ease of travel and transportability of the water bike.

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