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Homemade universal holder for fishing rods or spinning rods on a boat and on shore

I got acquainted with the contents of all the issues of the almanac Angler athlete and the magazine Fish Farming and Fishing, studied other literature available to me on fishing sports, but did not find the design of the rod holder equally suitable for fishing from the shore and from the boat. It ended with the fact that I independently developed the design of a universal holder not only for a rod, but also for a spinning rod, which is easy to make at home. I have been using this homemade holder for spinning rods and rods for many years, I am very pleased with it, so I take the liberty to recommend it to amateur anglers.

Construction of a universal rod and spinning rod holder

Homemade universal holder for rod or spinning on a boat and on shore
a stand made of duralumin square; b stand made of duralumin tube.

One of the main elements of the rod holder is a clamp, which can be used as a clamp from a powder dispenser. Craftsmen can make it themselves, but it is necessary to take care that it is light and reliable.

When using the dispenser, first of all, it is necessary to remove the metal rod with a plastic head and release the clamp in the slot clamp 2 from the plastic device. After sharpening the free end, the rod can be used as an additional lever 1 when strengthening the clamp and using the slot clamp.

The base of the stand 3 is a metal strip 500x130 mm thick 3 mm. To install the tackle in accordance with the fishing conditions, the shank 4, located in the center of the stand, should be clamped in the slot clamp 1 at any angle to the horizon.

The stop 5 for the spinning rod or rod must be made in the form of a bracket in the shape of the end of the tackle made of metal with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm. The inner diameter of the tackle should be 5-8 mm larger. The stop must be attached to the rear end of the base of the stand with two M3 screws with nuts. We recommend plugging the end end with a plug 6, securing it with two or three screws. The rod support 7, made in the form of two shaped plates of metal with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm, must be attached to the front ledge of the base with two M3 screws with nuts. The shape and dimensions of the front support are determined by the configuration of the tackle at the attachment point on the support. Screws on parts 5, 7 can be replaced with rivets. Parts 3, 5, 7 should preferably be made of non-corroding and relatively light metal (aluminum, brass, etc.). When using a corroding material, they should be painted with waterproof paint.

When assembled, the holder for the rod or spinning rod is attached with a clamp to the aft seat (side gunwale) of the boat. Spinning (as a donkey), and the rod are easily inserted into the holder and removed from it, securely held in place when pitching and strong wind. The tackle installed in this way does not interfere with the movements of the angler and makes it possible to cut in time with the most careful biting.

When fishing from the shore the rod holder is complemented by a rack, which, depending on the availability of material, can be made either from a 25x25 duralumin corner with a length of 500-600 mm, or from a duralumin tube Ø18-24 mm of the same length.

To facilitate sticking into the ground, it is useful to cut one end of the corner and the tube into a cone of about 30. At the working end of the corner, a 150-160 mm long piece of the duralumin corner should be fixed in the form of the letter T, and a wooden or metal plug should be placed at the working end of the duralumin tube, which is fixed in the tube with a transverse screw or rivet.

In the center of the plug (along the longitudinal axis), a piece of the corner must be fixed with a screw or screw as in the case of making a rack from a corner. A bar of 30x30x160 mm made of solid wood can be used as a crossbar.

One rack provides the installation of two clamps with holders.

If any stick is inserted into the holder instead of a tackle, it can be used to hang a pot or kettle.

The maximum weight of the rod holder kit with a rack is up to 700 g.

For the convenience of transportation and storage of racks and holders, we recommend sewing a case with insulated pockets. The case is more convenient to attach outside the backpack.

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