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Catching catfish on kwok

If you want to engage in trophy catfish fishing on kwok, then you should prepare well for this. We will give you some tips that will help you cope even with a very large specimen.

Correctly quote

Catfish fishing on kwok
The one who quacks well catches a lot of fish. Working with kwok requires a certain skill.

Kwok literally has a shock effect on catfish. The popping sound penetrating into the water column from the impact of the kwok on the surface makes them curious, nervous, aggressive in any case, they react to it and move. But only if you handle the tool correctly. The trick is to push the air bubble through the water surface, hold it through the water with a quick, uniform movement of the brush, and only at the exit from the water let it burst. Kvochenie requires some training and will be successful only if fountains of splashes are not created during the work of kvok. If you not only hear a peculiar sound, but also clearly feel the impact through the seat boats, so you quote correctly.

Correctly grasp

With this grip, you can confidently pull out even the largest fish
With this grip, you can confidently pull out even the largest fish. The glove protects the hand from damage.

Catfish capture is the best method of extracting fish from the water. He guarantees its safety. Be sure to make sure that the catfish is really tired before taking it by the jaw. Slap the larger fish lightly on the head to check if the catfish will make another throw. Now carefully place the right thumb of the catfish in your mouth over the small teeth on the lower jaw. With the other four fingers, grab the fold of skin from the outside. When pulling out large fish, they are captured in the same way, but with two hands. Leather gloves will protect your hands from brushing small teeth.


It's all about the details

When fishing for catfish, the tackle experiences huge overloads
When fishing for catfish, the tackle experiences huge overloads, so all its elements must be reliable.

Catfish fishing is fishing with a powerful tackle. A strong rod and a power reel are the basis of equipment. In addition, you will need a strong fishing line and a swivel and a high-quality hook. It is better to take a plait with a diameter of 0.40 to 0.60 mm. A Kevlar leash with a breaking load of at least 60, and preferably 100 kg, should be tied to the main fishing line. Buy only expensive good swivels with a large load capacity. The hook should be sharp as a needle and, most importantly, made of thick wire.

Not only at the bottom

If you are looking for catfish only at the bottom, then most likely you will not catch anything!

Experienced catfish hunters who catch predators by trolling have found that catfish are often active in the middle layers of water, especially during feeding.

Catfish hunt not only at the bottom, but also in half waters
Catfish hunt not only at the bottom, but also in the water. This is clearly visible on the echo sounder screen.

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