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Grinda boat Seaworthy ferro-cement motorboat Grinda. Construction of a boat from armocement When developing the drawings of the Grinda, the task was to design a seaworthy and comfortable 10-seater boat, designed for swimming in the coastal zone of the seas and in large reservoirs, it is also suitable for long-distance tourism along main navigable rivers. At the same time, it was necessary to take into account the numerous wishes of those readers who would like to find in the collection drawings of a vessel designed for independent construction... read more>>>

Displacement tourist boat Crab The project of the displacement tourist boat Crab It is for those who find the greatest pleasure from a long stay on the water, and the drawings of the displacement tourist boat Crab are offered. Any master boatman can help build this boat by applying the usual method of construction and the available material... read more>>>

Motor boat Rainbow-51 The project of the pleasure and tourist cabin motor boat Rainbow-51 In our northern latitudes, as practice suggests, for long family trips, a cabin motorboat with a length of about 5 m is necessary: with smaller dimensions, it is not possible to ensure habitability; with larger ones, the vessel will not go out for planing with outboard motors available for sale, it will require the installation of an automobile converted engine and a reverse gearbox, which significantly complicates the matter... read more>>>

Setless plywood boat A setless boat made of plywood. How to build a boat out of plywood From yachtsmen-motorists, our yacht club "Mayak" received an order for the design and construction of a comfortable cardboard boat designed for two or three people. The boat had to be stable, as light as possible, convenient for transportation on the trunk of a car, as well as walking under oars and a small motor. We managed to make such a boat... read more>>>

Boat Chizhik The boat Chizhik is a homemade two- or three-person rowing boat for tourism, fishing, hunting According to this project, several boats have already been built, which have shown themselves well in operation. Despite its small size, the siskins behave quite solidly on the water: you can safely walk around the boat without fear of turning over, it is quite seaworthy, it goes well on oars and with an outboard motor with a capacity of up to 5 hp (including Surf and Arrow). The boat can be carried on your hands, transported by car... read more>>>

Sail on the rowing boat Chizhik Sail on a rowing boat Chizhik manufacture of sailing weapons To turn the Chizhik into a sailing boat, appropriate changes are needed in the design of its hull, two options are offered: 1 option most fully takes into account the requirements for a sailing and rowing boat, but provides for significant changes in the original design, option 2 is a compromise solution that provides for a minimum of changes to the finished boat built according to the original drawings... read more>>>

Collapsible cabin mini-boat Collapsible cabin mini-boat It is very important for residents of cities remote from the big water to have such a vessel that could be transported by various modes of transport without much difficulty and stored in an ordinary apartment. These conditions are best met by collapsible soft-skinned kayaks, folding hunting shuttles and a sectional loner Baby, but all these are purely rowing and uncomfortable vessels, and I wanted to have something like a collapsible motor floating... read more>>>

Collapsible boat with soft skin Collapsible boat with soft skin The complexity of solving the problem of urban parking, winter storage of ships, as well as transporting them by land forces many water-motor tourists to be interested in collapsible structures. Here are the drawings of a small boat for a motor with a capacity of up to 10 hp, as if combining the advantages of a collapsible kayak in terms of ease of storage and transportation and a real motor boat for 2-4 people... read more>>>

Half-ton ST-28 Half-ton ST-28. Yacht design for self-construction There is an urgent need to build along with cruising and racing vessels of other types yachts of minimal dimensions, capable of participating in long sea races and at the same time not burdensome in daily operation. In our opinion, the best variant of a vessel that meets such requirements is a half-ton; even a small team of yachtsmen can carry out the construction of such a yacht using the simplest technological equipment and available materials... read more>>>

Seaworthy motor boat for large reservoirs Project and drawings of a seaworthy motor boat motorboat for large reservoirs When developing the drawings of this motor boat, I counted on the fact that anyone with a little skill with carpentry tools could build it. In addition, the boat was intended for sea bays and large reservoirs, so it had to have increased seaworthiness the ability to go through the waves without reducing speed, while not splashing and not being flooded with high wave crests... read more>>>

Homemade steel trimaran Trimaran with your own hands a homemade boat made of steel I have long wanted to build a small, comfortable and safe boat that could be transported on the roof of a car or on a light trailer. After reviewing the projects for self-construction, I decided to build a boat with trimaran contours with my own hands. In December, my experimental trimaran made of 1 mm thick steel sheets was ready. In May, on a lake near Tyumen, I tried out my brainchild... read more>>>

Manual boat flipper Hand-held fin propulsion for the boat For the movement of light watercraft on the water, I suggest using a manual fin mover instead of paddles. It is easily disassembled into four components, in this form it takes up little space. The dimensions of the parts depend on the size of the boat. We have made such a propulsion system for use on a six-oared yawl and yacht... read more>>>

Inflatable collapsible water bike Inflatable collapsible water bike Solving the question of which boat to build, among other problems, I had to think about storing it in urban conditions and the possibility of transportation by public transport. That's why I chose a collapsible catamaran with inflatable floats made of rubberized fabric. The rigid structure of my two-seater catamaran-hydroped consists of a folding seat with a backrest, a deck... read more>>>

Sectional canoe Universal boat sectional fiberglass canoe On the pages of the collection, the issue of creating a light and truly versatile boat that would be convenient for tourists, hunters, fishermen and when used by various expeditions, capable of swimming both on mountain rivers and in reed-overgrown floodplains, on which a motor and sail could be put. Our team of authors offers a variant of such a boat for self-construction of fiberglass... read more>>>

Sectional kayak Construction of a plastic sectional kayak I have long wanted to build such a tourist kayak, which, while remaining collapsible, would be more durable, stronger and lighter than the Salutes available for sale. I went through a lot of options before coming to the conclusion that the best one is a sectional fiberglass kayak... read more>>>

Double folding boat Homemade double folding boat for fishermen and hunters with their own hands I have long wanted to have a light boat folding into a small package, in which it would be convenient to fish or travel, in which you could sit down together, and even pack a couple of backpacks. In the end, the idea of building a folding two-seater boat that met all my requirements was born on its own... read more>>>

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