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Bait for fishing. Millet porridge

Bait for fishing. Millet porridge

The method of preparing millet porridge for fishing is as follows.

A metal jar with a lid is taken, which is half filled with millet and topped up with water. Then the jar is tightly closed with a lid and tied crosswise with twine or soft wire (preferably aluminum or copper electric wire).

In a saucepan with boiling or hot water (it can be cold), a grid or other gasket is placed on the bottom, and a jar of millet is placed on it. A load is placed on the jar so that it does not pop up — a stone or something heavy. The mesh serves as a gasket between the bottom of the pan and the jar so that the porridge does not burn.

Millet porridge is boiled for 1.5-2 hours, after which it is removed from the pan and allowed to cool. In the cooled form, it is transferred to a bag, and it is ready for use.

Porridge is cut into small cubes that hold very well on hook. Porridge acquires density due to compression during boiling.

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